How to Protect Your Baby from Insect Safely

Insect bites on adults might only cause itchiness. However, when it comes to the baby’s skin, an insect bite could cause not only itchiness but also rashes. Nevertheless, babies are still not able to control their itchiness. This might scratch the rash and cause more damage to their skin. It could become an open wound on your baby’s skin and make them more uncomfortable. Parents must be wondering, how to protect your baby from insect, and is it safe?

Rather than treating it, it is always better to prevent it. It is not a difficult task to do, yet not easy as well. Living in a tropical country, there are always insects everywhere. Therefore, these tips should be especially helpful for those in tropical places. Here are some tips on how to protect your baby from insect. Simple and easy to apply at home.

1. Prevent Using Dark Color Cloths

The first thing to do is prevent using dark color clothes for your baby. That is because insects are usually attracted to dark colors. Use cloths that are slight bright for your baby. Make sure also that you put the clothes inside the pants, so when your baby moves, the cloth would not open to the skin.

2. Use an anti-insect lotion

This is one of the most effective ways on how to protect your baby from insect. You can use an anti-insect lotion on your baby’s skin. But if you are worried that it might cause rashes, use a spray one. And then you can apply it to your baby’s cloth. Different way yet the same effect that parents can get.

3. Fragrances

Parents might prevent using creams or lotions on their babies. So as another option besides using an anti-insect lotion/sprays is using fragrances. However, not just any fragrances. It must be a baby-friendly type one. There are several types of fragrances that insects avoid the most. Such as the smell of lavender, orange, and lemongrass. Not only to protect your babies but also as a friendly aromatherapy for the entire room.

4. Install an anti-insect net

A simple way on how to protect your baby from insect is by installing an anti-insect net. You can use it on doors, windows and even on your baby’s crib. This might be a traditional option, but yet effective to protect your baby.

5. Clean Environment

A key and solution from almost every problem, a clean environment. Sounds trivial indeed but this might affect quite big for us. Some people think that insect lives not only on dirty and damp areas. Nevertheless, they could also populate in clean places, especially in overgrown plants. To avoid insects on living and multiplying in your environment, make sure there are no welled up spots. As an additional option to chase away insects are with providing garlic near the overgrown plants. Last but not least, constantly cleaning the environment would be a great solution.

So those are some useful tips on how to protect your baby from insect. If your baby has accidentally got bitten by an insect, remain calm and treat it with baby lotion. Make sure your baby does not over the scratch and always keep on eyes on them.