Oldest Castles which Still Exist

Castles are like a fairytale that comes true. Through the world’s ups and downs, these castles always stood still for years. It is one of the keys to history. Nowadays, you can easily enjoy these buildings as a tourist attraction. Here is the list of the oldest castles which still exist that you can enjoy!

1. Citadel of Aleppo

This castle is one of the oldest castles which still exist. It is located in the Ancient City of Aleppo, Syria and established around 3000 BCE.  This castle entered the UNESCO list as the “World Heritage Site” in 1986.

This castle is one of the largest castles throughout the world. The Syrian Civil War damaged part of this castle, and another part of this castle still stands firm. This castle is suitable for people who want to learn Syria’s history while enjoying this tourism object.

2. Reichsburg Cochem 

Located in Cochem, Germany, this castle also known as Cochem castle. It considered as one of the world’s oldest castles. It built around the year 1000 and still solidly-standing until now. Palatinate count Ezzo was the person who built this castle.

Nowadays, this castle has already become a tourist attraction that you can enjoy. Reichsburg GmbH Company is responsible for managing this castle. So, if you want to witness the splendor of this castle, you can come to visit Reichsburg Cochem!

3. Warwick Castle

The next oldest castle in the world is Warwick castle. Warwick castle is located in Warwickshire, England, and still, exists until now. William the Conqueror was the first person who constructed this castle in 1068.

Later on, Greville’s family sold Warwick Castle to the Tussauds Group back in 1978. Since then, this castle was under the Tussauds Group’s care and become one of the tourist attractions that can be enjoyed.

4. Windsor Castle

Located in Windsor, Berkshire, England, Windsor Castle was built in 1070. Besides being known as one of the oldest castles which still exist in the world, this castle also known as the longest-occupied castle in Europe. It had been occupied since King Henry I.

After Henry III became the next ruler, He modified this castle into a luxurious royal palace. It became more luxurious when Edward III era. The Windsor Castle belonged to the British royal family. They managed to makes this castle a popular tourist attraction.

5. Hohensalzburg Castle

Gebhard I of Helfstein built this castle back in 1077 and still standing firmly until now. As one of the oldest castles, This castle was located in Salzburg, Austria. However, unlikely what has been mention above, this castle was a fortress.

Although it is a fortress, this castle had only been attacked once in 1525. During the late 1800s, the Austrian government repaired this castle. Since then, this castle had succeeded in maintaining its popularity as a tourist attraction.

These magnificent castles have their attractiveness, whether it is as the historical heritage or tourist attraction. Which one of these oldest castles which still exist that draws your attention the most? Whichever it is, it does not decrease the elegance of these castles.