The Characteristics of News

The Characteristics of News

Sometimes we want to know what is going on in our country or in this world, it is easy to know that kind of information in this modern era. By simply typing “whats new in the news” on the internet, there will be a lot of websites that show the news. Once you have gotten the news on the specific website, you also need to make sure that the news has these characteristics below : 

  1. The news is considered as the actual and up to date news if it is beneficial for the society 
  2. The information needs a specific way of delivering so it will catch the attention of the reader 
  3. The information on the news is based on the facts
  4. The sentences that are used on the news are simple and easy to understand 

Even though nowadays is very easy to access the internet but we also need to make sure that the news is trusted. There must be some or even a lot of news resources in the country that are very famous so the people usually rely on them to find whats new in the news. The information that contains on that kind of news is usually easy to get and read because it should be at the top of the headline. Another way to get and know whats new in the news is by reading the newspaper because usually the newspaper always provides and report some specific phenomenon that just happened a few days ago. There are also some tips to know whether the news that you are reading is based on the facts or not : 

  1. Be more aware when you are reading the title of the news—one of the easiest ways to know whether the news is fake or not is by seeing the title, news that is fake usually has the clickbait title
  2. Make sure you read from the reliable resource—there are also a lot of resources that you cannot rely on because they just want to make money so they make the clickbait titles
  3. Check on the interviewees—fake news usually make up the name of the interviewees 

Comparing to the other website—do not only read the news from one website if you want to get whats new in the news, but you also need to compare to another website.