Top 5 Hottest Political Issue Around The World You Should Know

Political issues are always a concern for many countries. Because every country always has political issues that sometimes impact on other countries. Therefore, there must be the hottest political issue around the world.

These issues are usually very diverse and should be solved together. If you are unfamiliar with political issues in the world lately, this article is perfect for you. Here is the 5 hottest political issue around the world:

1.     Climate Change

Climate change is an issue that has been recently noted by many countries. Moreover, 2019 became the hottest year in the last five years. Currently in the world has a gap related to climate change. the gap must be resolved so that it does not widen.

The Paris Agreement notes countries must set national targets. The target is to reduce emissions to limit temperature rises in the long run. But unfortunately, there are some countries that have not met the target.

2.     Gender Equality

This becomes an interesting global issue to discuss. The World Economic Forum notes that in the past 10 years, women’s participation in politics has increased. It is also the same as women’s participation in employment. The most balanced country in the participation of women and men in Iceland.

Whereas the most unbalanced country in implementing gender equality is Yemen. In politics, globally there has been an increase of 26% for women in parliament. While there is a 50% increase in women becoming ministers.

3.     Immigration Crisis

Migration is indeed an issue that can bring up political debate, especially in the West. This can divide Western countries. The number of immigrants is not too large, but it can be a big problem in some countries. The country with the most immigrants was the United States.

And then followed by Saudi Arabia. The migration crisis was at its peak in 2015 in Europe. This is because of the Syrian civil war in the Middle East. The UN Commissioner said that a global solution must solve this problem.

4.     Democracy

One of the issues of democracy is the low number of voters during the election. For example, in the United States, presidents are elected by only 25% of the vote. And almost 50% of them chose not to vote. Even Britain has shown this phenomenon.

Another problem with democracy is the use of fear in democratic societies. For example in the United States that uses the War on Terror. The war succeeded in reducing various freedoms and undermined democratic principles. For example, there are tighter border policies.

5.     International Law

The next hottest political issue around the world is international law. International law should be able to handle various crises. For example, when there was a Rohingya issue but international law failed to deal with this. International law acts only in sympathy and criticism of Myanmar’s government.

In fact, international law must succeed in finding solutions to various crises. However, international law does not replace a country’s domestic law. But, there must be an appropriate standard of law enforcement mechanisms in determining international law.

Those are the hottest political issue around the world. The issue should be of concern to many countries. This is because an issue can have a negative impact on other countries.