5 Top Entertainment News for Celebrity Buzz

5 Top Entertainment News for Celebrity Buzz

5 Top Entertainment News for Celebrity BuzzPeople just love to know what happens in celebrity’s real-life behind the screen. Well, it is really hilarious to know that this actor dates this singer, and more. Some decades ago, celebrities’ life is really exclusive indeed. But now, along with the development of information technology, it is getting much easier to know what they are doing. If you really love to know what the entertainment news or gossip, there are some recommended portals to enjoy. Check them out.


Gawker is initially a blog that is based in New York. But now, it is getting more popular for its ability to accurately inform the readers what happens with celebrities currently. Interestingly, what was previously only gossip or issue, later, it becomes a fact. Interestingly, this portal is not always about celebrities. If you also want to know furthermore about fashion, health, and others, it is Gawker.


TMZ stands for Thirty Mile Zone. It is another celebrity news blog that has been established since 2005. Not only is it telling about the most current news of celebrity, but TMZ also investigating scandals and informing you all about this. For its accuracy to give you the latest information, it is reasonable if TMZ has been awarded a lot. One of them is this blog becomes one of the coolest websites.


Every day, in the pop culture, there must always be something being buzzed by people the most. PopSugar is one of the portals of celebrity news that always gives you the latest information. Interestingly, there is a category in PopSugar that is focused on a certain celebrity. So, if you are a big fan of that celebrity, it is much easier for you to follow his or her life and career.

The Hollywood Reporter

More than just giving you the most current news, The Hollywood Reporter has many other things to talk about. For example, there are music and movie reviews in the form of articles and videos. Although the main focus of this portal is celebrities, there are some sections available. They are Style, Business, and Personal Tech.

Just Jared

Just Jared is focused on celebrities but it gives more sections than only news. Do you want to have more photo collections of your favorite celebrities; you can check this out also. There is a “younger sister” of Just Jared namely Just Jade Junior. It is a portal for teens who want to follow their favorite teen stars.