Three Top news today in English

The Brexit Deal

Several sensational occasions happened and become top news today in English. Three of them are the Brexit deals, Boston’s student suicide, and shark attack. This various news happened in different parts of the world, United Kingdom, United States, and Australia.

The Brexit Deal

It seems like the United Kingdom still has a long way before they could really exit from United Europe. After back and forth process, British people seem to be bored with the development of the case that still uncertain. Even people starts to joke that the Brexit deal will last forever.

The referendum that held in 2016 indicates that the British people want the UK to leave European Union. But after a long complication, a new wave of people flared up to prevent United Kingdom to leave European Union. The people that initially coted to leave European Union changed their hearts after knowing the complication that awaits. But the prime minister decides to continue the deal.

Some complications that have to be solved are border issues between United Kingdom and Ireland. It proposed that there would be no border post between United Kingdom and Southern Ireland. Other issues are about the trade between United Kingdom and European Union nations. The foreign citizenship is also problematic because many workers in United Kingdom actually have European citizenship. This ongoing issue is still one of the top news today in English.

Boston’s student suicide

A student had suicide in May. Alexander Urtula (21) jumped from a parking garage only hours before graduation. It was suspected that his girlfriend is the cause of his suicide. Investigator found that the girlfriends were physically, verbally, and psychologically abusive towards his boyfriend. She reported being repeatedly sending messages such as “go die” and telling that his family is better without him. Now, the girlfriend is charged with involuntary manslaughter.

shark attack in Australia

Two-man were injured because of shark attack in Whitsunday Island. They both are British that came for snorkeling in that area. They were reported to be wresting and thrashing about in the water in hook passage when the shark attacks. It’s believed that that the shark attacks the first man, then come back to attack the second man. The 28-year-old man’ right foot was bitten off, while the 22 years old man suffered serious laceration to his lower left leg, Paramedics were on board the boat had provided initial first aid before they both are sent into Mackay Bay Hospital. The pair of tourists reported being serious but stable condition.Numerous shark attacks had happened on Whitsunday island group in recent years. 27 shark attacks were recorded in 2018. Compared to the millions tourist that visit the Australian beach and do snorkeling, the shark attacks remain rare. The shark attack sticks out to be top news today in English.