Various Kind of The Oldest Ethnic Groups in The World

Many assume the oldest tribe in the world originated from Africa, originated from the San tribe. However, according to Dr. Gustav Heinrich Ralph von Koenigswald, the oldest ethnic in the world turned out to be the Archipelago Race. The following is the oldest ethnic groups in the world.

1 Kerinci Tribe, Indonesia

The Kerinci tribe is an indigenous tribe that lives and inhabits the area around the Kerinci Regency, Jambi and according to the Bennet Bronson Team. This tribe has been in that place for more than 10 thousand years ago.

The name Kerinci is appear from the Tamil language which is the name of a flower. That only grows in South Indonesia. Above an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level and blooms only once in 12 years, Kurinji. With a local accent and pronunciation, Kurinji’s name changed to Kerinci.

Because of this, Kurinji also refers to the mountainous region and Kerinci’s relationship with India has been  stablished for a long time. The name Kerinci itself is giving from Indian Tamil traders. Kerinci tribe is the oldest ethnic groups in the world that still exists today.

2 Taino/Kalibia

By the time Christopher Columbus come up in the Caribbean in the 15th century, his indigenous people famous as Taino very influental. The history of this area is often split it into two by historians: that is, pre and after the arrival of Columbus.

To find additional evidence of how Taino survived European colonization, Schroeder was also able to gather information about ancient migrations. The combination of illness, mass murder and slavery killed around three million people in this generation. However, recent studies have shown that genocide didn’t cause extinction as has been predicted.

3 Kurdish Tribe

The Kurds are one of the original inhabitants of the Mesopotamian plains and upland areas that are now in southeast Turkey, northeast Syria, northern Iraq, northwestern Iran, and southwestern Armenia.

The Kurds are the largest ethnic in the Middle East as number four. They have around 25 to 35 million people. They form different communities, united by race, culture, and language. Although most of them embrace Sunni Islam, but there are also follow different religions, including Christianity, Judaism, Yazidi and Zoroastrian.

But their hopes disappear on three years later, which established the boundary of modern Turkey. Made no provisions about the Kurdish state and left the Kurds as a group with minority status in four countries, namely Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

For more than 80 years any steps taken by the Kurds to establish an independent state have been met with stiff resistance. After the first Gulf War, join in by a Kurdish uprising in northern Iraq. And the establishment of a no-fly zone, Kurds succeeded in forming a semi-autonomous region.

There are three of many the oldest ethnic groups in the world. These ethnic groups still exist today. The preservation of the culture need preservation so that it does not become extinct.