What the Difference of Infant and Toddler

Having a baby can be a lifetime experience for many parents. At first, parents will be excited about the labor of the baby. Then, slowly the growth of the baby will be the next stage for the parents. Now, for those who are or soon to be a parent, they should know the stage of early childhood. Maybe people call all little kids baby, whereas they have different callings based on their age. Like what the difference of infant and toddler, are they the same? It is sure many people don’t know about this. 

Babies in their first two months are called newborn babies and as they grow they enter a new phase. When they grow from 2 months until one year old they are known as an infant. And until four years they are called toddlers. So, that is the basic difference of newborn, infant and toddlers. But, what the difference of infant and toddlers in other ways? 

1. Weight

The golden age for babies is when they are between zero until three years old. So, this is between the infant and toddler ages. Babies can gain most of their weight at this age, so make sure to give healthy foods to the babies. At 2-6 months, an infant should gain as much weight as they can by drinking breast milk. Each month they should gain up to 1 kg or more. From 6 months above, they start eating and they become more active. Usually, until they become one year, the average weight increase is only 0.5 kg. Starting the toddler year, the increment becomes harder as they are much more active. Usually, they will only increase up to 0.2 kg.

 2. Foods

Infants are still babies, therefore the food that they consume is still limited. For infants 2-6 months, they cannot eat anything other than the mother breast milk. As they grow, they can start eating fine food with certain ingredients. Remember not to give too much salt and sugar for infants because their body is not ready yet. As for toddlers, they can start to eat anything that their parents also eat. 

3. Activities

In their infant years, babies start to learn how to do activities such as crawling and standing up. They will crawl and hold on anything they can to help them stand up. In this stage, they will also start walking but still need from the elderly. As for toddlers, they can walk and even run. Toddlers are much more active as they are already older than infants. 

 4. Height

Infant and toddlers must be able to grow in their golden years. Toddlers have a bigger opportunity to grow as they start eating all kinds of food. Doing certain activities such as basket, swimming can help them grow bigger. As for infants, to help them grow they must eat many foods that contain protein. 

 5. Capability

The difference between infant and toddler is the capability of the kids. As infants are still babies, they have limited capacity and are in their learning stage. They learn how to speak, walk and even pronounce words. As for toddlers, they are easier to communicate because their brains have developed. 

So, those are the main difference between toddlers and infants. What the difference of infant and toddlers are now clear, so you shouldn’t get confused. Remember that infants are still babies and toddlers are stepping out of the baby stage. Hopefully, your infant and toddlers can both grow healthy.